Do more with your data

We make sure your survey data is trustworthy and easy to interpret. Our reports are designed so stakeholders can easily identify strengths and take action on areas for improvement.

Trust the results

Poorly designed surveys produce unreliable results. With Resonant, that won’t be a problem. We make sure you have:

  • Thorough screening
  • Reliable data
  • Set guidelines, milestones and goals
  • Monitored and valid results


Identify the issues

Our reports will give you all the information you need to get the results you want. You’ll be able to:

  • Track your results over time
  • Compare results with local and national norms
  • Analyze by subgroup


Take the next steps

So you’ve got quality survey data and understand the results. Now what? We’ll help you figure out what’s next—making sure you know your problems and your solutions.

Share the best practices

Through our built-in collaboration feature, you’ll be able to learn from other teaching professionals within your district and across the country. We help you develop a professional learning community and a culture of sharing great ideas.

Identify the rock stars

The best source of professional development is probably already in your building. With our reports, you’ll be able to identify the top performing teachers in your school and district. These focused observations will allow you to recognize these teachers and encourage them to share their knowledge with peers.

Get customized training

After analyzing teacher data, we’ll help you put a plan in place to train everyone from teachers to principals to district leadership. We’ll make sure everyone understands the data, is familiar with the platform’s available features, and recognizes how to use them to make plans for improvement.