What Makes a Strong School Leader?
  • By admin
  • August 13, 2019

By Grace Shelton @GraceCShelton   What makes a strong school leader? A research synthesis from the Gates Foundation details four ways strong school leadership can positively impact students and schools. The article states that strong leadership teams enable teachers to work with their peers and focus on improvement over evaluation, involve teachers in decision making […]

Do High Quality Principals Matter? A Review on the Importance of School Leadership
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  • August 7, 2019

By Grace Shelton @GraceCShelton   Why Principals Matter  A few years ago, Hechinger Report released an article detailing the importance of school leadership in both student achievement and teacher retention. This article was hardly the first of its kind—in fact, one of the most cited research articles on leadership was published almost thirty years ago.  […]

Student Voice in Teacher Performance
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  • June 12, 2019

  By @GraceCShelton   The adoption of ESSA has resulted in many education priority shifts. Many of these shifts focus on equity and access, whole child learning, and additional academic needs for students. However, one that is particularly interesting is the enhanced focus on positive school culture and climate. In order to encourage positive culture […]